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Suzuki Gladius with Pro-Shift™ PS2-RR + Adaptive Customisations

A modified Suzuki Gladius, equipped with the PS2-RR System + Adaptive Customisations for amputee rider, Beth Tyson.

Modifying this Suzuki Gladius was a very rewarding job for the Pro-Shift team. As a through-knee left leg amputee, Beth required some adaptive customisations to enable her to ride again. A new footpeg was added to hold a prosthetic leg in place, in addition to a handlebar gearshift system. Our expert engineers also managed to build a hand-operated kickstand from scratch, to allow ease of use. It was a delight to hear such positive feedback from Beth after her first time out on the bike…

“First ride out on my bike after my amputation and I can’t stop smiling. Pro-Shift have exceeded my expectations with the adaptions they have done. The button operated gear changing system makes the bike effortless to ride. They moved my left foot peg forward so my prosthetic sits well on the peg, as well as a little bar to safely secure my prosthetic foot in place without holding it there. And finally they added a hand lever to the side stand, so I can put the side stand up and down with ease. I still cant get over how quickly I adapted to riding a bike again with one leg!! Most importantly, I felt so safe and confident thanks to Pro-Shift’s adaptations!”

Take a look at the Suzuki Gladius in action: