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PS3.8 System

With DBS™ Functionality

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    Designed For:

    All vehicles with sequential gearboxes

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    Made to fit all makes and models

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    Used By

    Road, Race and Disabled users

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Our PS3.8 system is surely the most advanced electronic semi-automatic gearshifter on earth, extremely versatile & equally suited to track or road use.

The PS3.8 is our most advanced electronic gearshift system, featuring “closed loop” clutchless gear shifting for pro racers. Expertly developed by our specialist team, the PS3.8 is available for all vehicles with sequential gearboxes, with over 170 adjustable parameters.

  • Specifically designed for Superbike engines
  • Over 170 adjustable parameters
  • Bi-Modal with switchable wet and dry options

Key features

Designed with passion, built for speed

Uses gearbox potentiometer feedback with fully adjustable windows for instant gear detection. Can extend gearbox life and guarantees reliable, safe gear-shifiting in all weather conditions.

Utlising linear feedback recognition, this feature provides closed loop gear-shifiting for all vehicles without gearbox feedback.

For flat upshifiting which offers individually programmable ignition or fuel ramping for all gears to seamlessly blend power back on after flat upshifts.

Prevents potentially catastrophic engine over-rev whilst downshifting, individually programmable for all gears in all modes.

Providing gear specific semi-automatic max torque downshifting to put you in the correct gear to match your speed and guarantee optimum acceleration after downshifts.

Press and hold upshift paddle or button (programmable for all upshifts). Can easily be disabled to comply with certain race series regulations.

Removes any concerns about finding neutral on the grid.

Upshift or downshift.

PS3 GCU Expand Collapse

Highly sophisticated Gear-shift Control Unit, featuring built-in gear-shift energy storage for the perfect shift every time.

Plug & Play Systems Expand Collapse

The PS3 System is provided in Plug & Play format for most vehicles.

Our customer feedback

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Professional and great aftercare, definitely would go back again!

Shaan Shareef

The new B&B II with strain gauge is FANTASTIC!.. An Awesome race weekend, I rode it and found it to work flawlessly. The ability to micro adjust just turns it into night and day. It was easy and worked perfectly… I was impressed!

Jay Kinberger

Finally I could try the DBS™ at the Mallorca Circuit and the result was FANTASTIC! The operation was very smooth and precise… I had no problem throughout the day! A couple of friends asked me to try my bike and they were surprised at how well it worked and asked me to install the DBS™ on their Kawasaki ZX10R 2012… Thank you so much for everything!

Jorge Piza

I’m driving a kart with a Vortex 125ccm RKZ engine and in the past used another shifting system but it wasn’t reliable and not powerful enough… I found the Pro-Shift PSU system with the stronger solenoid. The first test ride was great, a huge difference between old shifter and Pro-Shift! Shifts were 100% precise and super-fast, I had more than 300 rounds on our circuit without any problems!

Michael Steiner

For me as a disabled person, the PSU has helped me ride a motorcycle again. I have lost balance and nowadays prefer to ride a trike, I have used the PSU for about 15000 kilometres now and found it a great help! Now me and my lifelong partner enjoy the rides and make people and other riders turn their heads when we arrive at places, we are also members of the Wing Riders Golwing Club and take part in all rides and activities every month!

Chris vd Westhuizen
Tailor your system to suit your needs

An expertly engineered system for


Take a closer look at the PS3.8 System

  • With over 25 years of development behind it the PS3.8 is surely the most advanced electronic semi-automatic gearshifter on earth, extremely versatile & equally suited to track or street use
  • Individually developed bespoke “bolt on” PS3.8 Systems available for all modern Superbikes, Supersport, Super Touring bikes, you name it & we can do it
  • Fully Stand-Alone no matter what ECU you have the PS3.8 System drives all gearshift functions
    Lightning fast gearshift capability with under 20mS (milliseconds) shift times used in the 2017 Isle of Man TT Races
  • Individually programable by gear graduated ignition or fuel injection cuts for clutchless upshifts
  • Individually programable by gear ignition or fuel injection power ramps for seamless power restoration after clutchless upshifts
  • Dual Switchable Gearshift Maps (Street & Race)
  • Anodised Street & Race handlebar Switchgears available “Street” features two buttons behind the bar or our latest “Race” has the “Upshift” button at the front & the “Downshift” button behind the bar
  • ½ shift Neutral Acquisition removes any worry about finding neutral when stationary
  • Variable by gear shifter operating power 100% – 1% not available on any other shift system
  • Variable by gear Up & Downshift “On Times” for shift solenoid
  • Full PS3.8 Software & Programing Leads provided with the system, this will arrive with a strong base set up however all parameters fully adjustable via USB port on Tablet or Laptop down to 1mS (millisecond) increments
  • A World’s First, Fully Closed Loop Gearshifting providing “Active” gearshifting parameters, now available for certain select superbikes, please contact us for further details

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