Pro-Shift™ Technologies design and manufacture high performance electronic gearshift systems right here in the UK.

With over 20 years experience in the automotive industry, Pro-Shift™ design, develop and manufacture bespoke semi-automatic paddle shift and gear shift systems for all sequentially geared applications. Pro-Shift™ are proud to have won British, USA, European and World Championships with these systems.

Our expert team also specialise in high quality modifications for amputees and disabled users, with a range of bespoke solutions to allow everyone to enjoy the thrill of the ride.

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Roy Tansley, Managing Director

Pro-Shift™ Technologies Ltd all began when Roy set about developing a Gear Shift System for his personal use after losing his lower left leg in a motorbike accident over 25 years ago.

As a young man he had just started a promising career racing solo bikes in 1986 but had his licence taken away due to the injury sustained in his accident. Not one to give up without a fight, Roy lobbied the ACU relentlessly to have his licence returned. They finally agreed in 1993 and allowed him to return to racing with the stipulation that he switched from solos to Side-Cars.

Roy was back! Mid season 1993 saw him start to race again with his prototype Gear Shift System which enabled him to change gear without the need of his foot. The Gearshifter proved to be a great success and contributed to Roy and his Side-Car passenger achieving 3rd place in the 1994 British Championship. It also helped him to become the fastest disabled racer ever at the Isle of Man TT with an average speed over 3 laps of 100.31 mph.


Explore our innovative electronic gearshift systems


DBS™ Downshift Blipping System

Pro-shift™ manual blipping system designed for quick clutchess downshifts.

Bump & Blip II System

An advanced quickshifter with a downshift blipping for seamless up and downshifting.

PS2-RR System

With DBS™ Functionality
Our mid-range semi-automatic gearshift designed for racers and enthusiasts.

PS3.8 System

With DBS™ Functionality
Our most advanced system features “closed loop” clutchless gear shifting for pro racers.

Whatever you ride, we have the professional gearshift solution