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Bump & Blip II System

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    All vehicles with sequential gearboxes

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    Made to fit all makes and models

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    Road, Race and Disabled users

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This highly versatile patented system allows super fast clutchless up and downshifting, along with ultra high speed auto-blipped downshifts.

The Bump & Blip II™ system is an advanced quickshifter with a downshift blipping for seamless up and downshifting. Originally developed for the Isle of Man TT, the Digitally Programable Bump & Blip II™ features integrated ignition or fuel injection cuts plus a ramping restore facility, this allied with our DBS™ gives seamless clutchless up & downshifting.

Key features

Designed with passion, built for speed

Allows for super fast clutchless up and downshifting and provides "flat" upshifting with an integrated ignition ramping facility, along with ultra-high speed auto-blipped downshifts.

Absolutely no requirement for heavy compressors or vacuum modules to power the throttle blipper.

Triggers the "Bump & Blip" GCU to provide faster and more accurate gearshifts without the need for gearbox damaging load cells.

Allows for "flat" upshifting.

Gives smooth power restoration after "flat" upshifting, ideal for use in wet or slippery conditions.

Our customer feedback

Many thanks to Roy and Chris, amazing service as always! You are a fantastic team up there and always willing at short notice to help.

Adrian Lewis

For me as a disabled person, the PSU has helped me ride a motorcycle again. I have lost balance and nowadays prefer to ride a trike, I have used the PSU for about 15000 kilometres now and found it a great help! Now me and my lifelong partner enjoy the rides and make people and other riders turn their heads when we arrive at places, we are also members of the Wing Riders Golwing Club and take part in all rides and activities every month!

Chris vd Westhuizen

I have had a Pro-Shift system installed in my Escort MK2/ Tractive Gearbox now for a number of years and it has operated faultlessly throughout. The Pro-Shift team are without doubt the perfect example of what customer service and support should be. Highly recommended!

Ian Wante

One of the best quick shifters on the market today, with the advantage of being able to tailor make the system to your requirements!

Dave Clark

Thanks so much Pro-Shift! The system is amazing on the road, can’t wait to get it on the track. Well worth the money, the only thing that beats your product is your customer service. Couldn’t recommend enough!!!

Robert Guy
Tailor your system to suit your needs

An expertly engineered system for


Take a closer look at the Bump & Blip II System

  • Uniquely utilising our highly accurate Bi-Directional Hall Effect Strain Gauge to signal the Bump & Blip II™ GCU (Gearshift Control Unit) this then provides the upshift cuts & downshift throttle blips. Note, Fitted with 2 x 6mm male studs
  • Stand-Alone no matter what ECU you have the Bump & Blip II™ GCU drives all gearshift functions with no ECU integration required (often called ECU “flashing”)
  • Fast under 20mS (milliseconds) shift times used in the Isle of Man TT Races
  • Integral timer controlled fully adjustable ignition or fuel injection cutting allowing clutchless “flat” upshifts
  • Individually programable by gear ignition or fuel injection power ramps for seamless power restoration after clutchless upshifts
  • Dual Switchable Gearshift Maps (Street & Track) change shift maps on the move
  • Adjustable DBS™ Blipper “on times” providing ultimate control to give the desired Seamless Clutchless Downshifts
  • DBS™ for Cable Operated Throttles uses our Remote Cable Blipper for bike engined cars or our Telescopic Blipper for sequential Gearboxes which has fully adjustable travel allowing you to “tune” the downshifts to your personal driving style
  • DBS™ for DBW (Drive By Wire) Throttles our bespoke hand built DBW Blipper Modules are available for 2 Channel & 4 Channel Throttle configurations
  • Adjustable Throttle Opening Percentage – Opening Time – Trigger Points

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