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Pro-Shift have developed and patented a unique throttle blipping system for conventional manual “H” pattern gearboxes.

The system removes the requirement for “heel & toeing” when downshifting, it helps to sequence the vehicle’s engine RPM to wheel speed thus blending the two and providing seamless downshifts during braking, the Downshift Blipper has the added benefit of reducing mechanical wear and tear on the gear train whilst downshifting.

The system works by energizing the Pro-Shift Downshift Blipper Module when the brake pedal is depressed then giving a controlled time and throttle opening percentage adjustable downshift “blip” each time the clutch pedal is depressed, this has the effect of adding extra car control and stability during “spirited” driving.

Pro-Shift provide stand-alone downshift throttle blipper modules for conventional cable operated throttles that work in either a pushing or pulling motion according to individual vehicle requirements along with the increasingly common DBW (Drive By Wire) throttle bodies.

This system is equally suited for racing, track days and road use.

To learn what is the most suitable for your requirements please contact us at… info@proshift.com for further details.