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With over 25 years of gearshift design & manufacture behind it the PS2-R offers huge benefits for street & race riders alike to reap the rewards of Semi-Automatic Gearshifting

Following the great success of the PS2 we have evolved & improved the design to create the PS2-R featuring an additional time adjustable Ignition Ramping “R” facility that provides fully adjustable Ignition Ramps to smooth power restoration after clutchless upshifts, this gives the smoothest gearshifting yet, the PS2-R is easily tunable to suit individual riding styles.

The PS2-R fully supports Pro-Shift DBS™ (Downshift Blipping Systems)

Provided as a bespoke engine/model specific bolt on system, available for most modern bike engines and Sequential Gearboxes.

We offer the Optional Extra of our latest Billet Titanium Magnetic Paddles, these are hand made by us, they come with adjustable handspan, offset and steering wheel bolt configurations, we use the highest quality IP67 Gold Contact switches for maximum reliability.

The PS2-R System provides the option of fully time adjustable “flat” upshifting using the ignition or fuel injection cut module incorporated into the solid state GCU (Gearshift Control Unit)

Offering typical (fully adjustable) upshift ignition cut times of around 30mS (milliseconds) which we believe to be the fastest commercially available

Ignition Ramp Facility this is to bleed the ignition back on after an upshift ignition cut, this smooths out power restoration & is fully adjustable

The PS2-R system’s solenoid has only one moving part thus providing inherent reliability & remaining virtually maintenance free, bespoke bolt on systems are available for most larger bikes. The system is equally suited to street & racing applications

Pro-Shift DBS™ (Downshift Blipping Systems)

The Pro-Shift PS2-R GCU (Gearshift Control Unit) also features a fully time adjustable DBS™ Output along with a Downshift Delay Timer, if used in conjunction with our DBS™ “auto-blippers” (DBW or Cable) this allows seamless clutchless downshifting that can be fine-tuned and throttle openings are easily adjustable to match differing downshifting requirements.

DBS™ (Downshift Blipping Systems) are uniquely available for both DBW (Drive By Wire) throttles with our bespoke hand built Electronic DBS™ modules or for conventional cable operated throttles with our Patent Pending Remote Cable Blippers (bike engines) or Telescopic Blippers (Sequential Gearboxes).