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Designed to provide super-fast clutchless downshifting this unique system including patented downshift-blippers provides ultra high speed auto-blipped downshifts, its main features are;

  • Uniquely utilising fully adjustable Proximity sensing “Magic Eye” to trigger the “Downshift-Blipper” GCU this revolutionary operation method provides far faster more accurate clutchless downshifts than other conventional methods without the need for commonly used potentially gearbox damaging load cells.
  • SUPERBIKE ENGINES, Remote cable operation including idle screw replacement ferrule ideally suited to superbike engines making installation very quick and simple, This lightweight ultra fast acting downshift blipper utilising a specifically designed lightweight solenoid will provide reliable high speed clutchless downshifts with a typical “on time” of around 50mS (milliseconds) allowing precise multiple downshifts.
  • LARGER RACECARS, Telescopic Downshift-Blipper, this unique ultra-fast high powered solenoid driven device is specifically designed to fit to the throttle pedal on larger cars. As engine bay space is often restricted and higher power output is required the telescopic downshift-blipper is designed to operate directly on to the vehicles throttle pedal thus providing clutchless downshifting without the need for the driver to manually blip the throttle. The telescopic blipper features a universal joint fitting to the actuator body allied to multi adjustable mounting feet makes fitting along with correct setting of travel and alignment very easily achievable.
    Unlike some air or vacuum devices ALL OF OUR BLIPPERS will not run out of power during multiple downshifts, so no requirement for ignition cuts after blipping, it’s super-fast sprung loaded return negates the requirement to do so, some air & vacuum blippers require this function as they do not return to rest position quickly enough after blipping.
    Electronic downshift-blipper modules supplied for Drive By Wire (DBW) throttles, providing super-fast electronically “blipped” clutchless downshifts for vehicles featuring this throttle configuration.
  • Easily adjustable blipper “on time” and operational travel allowing you to “tune” the system to your own personal driving/riding style.
  • Stand Alone 12 Volt operation with absolutely no requirement for heavy compressors or vacuum modules solenoid valves etc to power the throttle blipper.
  • DBW Modules now available