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Pro-Shift Bump & Blip ™ Shifter


Specifically designed to provide super fast clutchless up & downshifting.

This unique patented Flatshifter system provides "flat" upshifting with ramping facility along with ultra high speed auto-blipped downshifts.

Easily adjustable blip operational travel allowing you to "tune" the System to your own personal driving style.

Stand Alone 12 Volt operation with absolutely no requirement for compressors or vacuum modules to power the throttle blipper.


Uniquely utilising fully adjustable Proximity sensing "Magic Eyes" to trigger the "Bump & Blip" TM GCU, this revolutionary operation method provides fast and accurate gearshifts without the need for commonly used  load cells

Integral timer controlled adjustable ignition or fuel cutting allowing "flat" upshifting

Ramping facility giving smooth power restoration after "flat" upshifting, ideal for use in wet or slippery conditions

BIKE ENGINED CARS, Remote cable operation including idle screw replacement ferrule,  ideally suited to bike engines making installation very quick and simple. This lightweight ultra fast acting downshift blipper utilising a specifically designed lightweight solenoid will provide reliable high speed clutchless downshifts with a typical "on time" of around 50mS (milliseconds) allowing precise multiple downshifts.

LARGER RACECARS, Telescopic Downshift-Blipper, this unique high powered solenoid driven device is specifically designed for larger cars. As engine bay space is often restricted, the telescopic Downshift Blipper operates directly on to the vehicles throttle pedal thus providing clutchless downshifting without the need for the driver to manually blip the throttle. Ideally suited to "fly by wire" throttles the telescopic blipper features a universal joint fitting to the actuator body. Allied to multi adjustable mounting feet, fitting along with correct setting of travel and alignment becomes very easily achievable.

DBW Downshift Blippers now available if required



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Latest Video

Caterham Superlight R500 PS3.8 & DBS™ Test Drive Caterham Superlight R500 PS3.8 & DBS™ Test Drive


Thank you very much for everything! The Pro-Shift PS3.5 System with DBS™ on my BMW S1000RR is wonderful! I set it up within one day & everything works perfectly. Well... I can't believe it's so great!

NADUN WIJESEKARA (Sri Lanka) December 24 2017

I had a safe journey home as I took things nice & steady with the new Pro-Shift PS3.5 System installed on my Caterham 7... Then I went for a drive last weekend and WOW, the 7 is now so so fast, I've even said scary fast to some!.. Lovin' it!!!

STEWART HEATH (UK) September 18 2017

Finally I could try DBS™ at the Mallorca Ciruit and the result was FANTASTIC, the operation was very smooth and precise... I had no problem throughout the day! A couple of friends asked me to try my bike and they were surprised at how well it worked and asked me to install the DBS™ on their Kawasaki ZX10R 2012... Thank you so much for everything!

JORGE PIZA (Palma de Mallorca) August 28 2017

VG Motorsport Racing with a Rage buggy using Pro-Shift System, managed to finish the Rally-Greece off-road 2017 edition - 7th overall, 3rd in class, 1st Greek Team out of 34 Competitors!

Thank you all !!!!

VASILIS MOUNDREAS (Greece) June 14 2017

The new B&B II with strain gauge is FANTASTIC!.. An Awesome race weekend, I rode it and found it to work flawlessly. The ability to micro adjust just turns it into night and day. It was easy and worked perfectly... I was impressed!


I'm driving a kart with a Vortex 125ccm RKZ engine and in the past used another shifting system but it wasn't reliable and not powerful enough... I found the Pro-Shift PSU system with the stronger solenoid. The first test ride was great, a huge difference between old shifter and Pro-Shift! Shifts were 100% precise and super-fast, I had more than 300 rounds on our circuit without any problems!

MICHAEL STEINER (Switzerland) May 14 2017

After 3 seasons of use the gearbox internally looks like new and needs no revision at all. This shows how good the Pro-Shift system has worked. All I can say is thank you very much to all at Pro-Shift for such a good package, I can fully recommend it to anyone looking for a similar system!

MIKE CASON (UK) November 2 2014

Thanks so much Pro-Shift! The system is amazing on the road, can't wait to get it on the track. Well worth the money, the only thing that beats your product is your customer service. Couldn't recommend enough!!!

ROBERT GUY (UK) August 10 2016

Many thanks to Roy and Chris, amazing service as always! You are a fantastic team up there and always willing at short notice to help.

ADRIAN LEWIS (UK) May 24 2016

Everything installed and if I had to give a rank from 0 to 10 for it I would give 12.

LUIS HENRIQUE A. MONTEIRO (Brazil) February 14 2016